Anthony Darden is the President/CEO of D&D Enterprises Group, LLC, dba: AKD Medical Supplier. Coming from Birmingham, AL, he arrived in Detroit in late 1964. After his arrival, he held various jobs, including 15 years working the production line in several different auto plants, driving cabs, working security, and others. In 1972, he decided to return to school. He enrolled in and earned an Associate Degree from Wayne County Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Detroit Institute of Technology. After graduation, Mr. Darden embarked upon his career path as an administrator, working in the various department for the City of Detroit. After a few years, he returned to school, attending Wayne State University, and earned a master’s degree in Social Work. He worked many years as a visiting “Home Care Social Worker”. Mr. Darden retired from the City of Detroit in 2005.

Mr. Darden started the AKD Medical Supplier business in 2017. Being restless in retirement, he sought various activities to keep himself busy. His duties as a social worker included making his patients as comfortable as possible in their own homes instead of being placed in nursing homes or other institutions. One way this was done was by providing patients with the equipment they needed to do so. Often recommended for those who needed them were various types and sizes of braces that relieved their joint aches and pains. Therefore, it naturally followed that upon retirement, a medical supplies business would be appropriate to keep him engaged and to continue this vital work.

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